Land Analysis

No other piece of land is just like yours. It is the most important element in the design of your home. No two home sites are alike. Each site offers unique attributes which define your future home’s ideal relationship to the land. Our job is to recognize, preserve and glorify all that is special to your site so that the outside can be enjoyed from within.

HTN DEVELOPERS Project Director will look at your home site with you and explore its natural features. We will consider many aspects.

*Views: How should your home be situated to take full advantage of views or, conversely, avoid an unwanted sight.

*Solar orientation: Which spaces should reap the benefits of passive solar warmth and which want morning or afternoon light.

*Topography: How can the slope of the land be used to its best advantage? How will the land frame the house?

*Natural Vegetation: How can major trees be preserved? How can natural boundaries be incorporated?

*Setbacks and Easements: What is the building envelope?

*Access and Utilities: How can the house, walkways (hardscape) and utilities be artfully positioned?

Your house will emerge naturally from the site as if it was always there. Our goal is to respect the site, while celebrating its attributes.